What is the hour circle?

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What is the hour circle?

In astronomy, the hour circle that, along with declination and distance, determines the position of any celestial body is the large circle that passes through the celestial body and the two celestial poles.

What does a circle around an hour mean?

hour circle The zenith passing through the observer at any time is his meridian. . . Related Topics: Hourly Angle Equatorial System. The term also refers to the graduations mounted on equatorial telescopes that indicate the hour angle at which the telescope is aimed.

How many hours are there in a circle?

The hour circle (meridian) is measured in hours (or hours, minutes, and seconds); one circle (360°) is equivalent to 24 hours; 1 hour corresponds to 15°.

What is the time circle that measures the body westward from the ally’s time circle?

hour corner The angular distance of any celestial body can then be defined as the angular distance measured west of the equator from the reference meridian to the hour circle passing through the celestial body. The hour angle is expressed in hours or radians.

Do hour angle and hour circle mean the same thing?

hour angle, in astronomy, the angle between the observer’s meridian (a great circle that passes over his head and through the celestial pole) and the hour circle (any other great circle that passes through the celestial pole) a celestial body.

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