What does whitcomb mean in Irish?

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What does whitcomb mean in Irish?

Sex: Male. Source: English. significance: from White Valley.

What does Whitcomb mean?

Whitcomb Name Meaning

English: Residence names from various places called Whitcombe or Witcombe… Witcombe in Somerset is named after Old English wiðig ‘willow’ + cumb.

How did the name Whitcomb come about?

Name: Whitcomb

this surname is Anglo-Saxon originis a place name derived from a place called « Whitcombe » in Dorset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

What does the name Holcomb mean?

The lineage of the name Holcombe begins with the Anglo-Saxon tribes in England. …place names are derived from the Old English elements hol, meaning « deep » or « hollow », and cumb, meaning « valley ». The whole place name means « deep space valley. « 

Where does Holcomb’s last name come from?

Holcomb Name Meaning

English: Name of residence from anywhere, such as Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Oxfordshire and Somerset, hence the name from Old English hol ‘hollow’, ‘sunken’, ‘deep’ + cumb ‘valley’.

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How many people have the last name Holcomb?

Holcomb is the 14,552nd most commonly used surname in the world, consisting of approximately 1 in 190,290.

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