What does mantel mean?

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What does mantel mean?

ancient. : cape or cape worn by women.

What does cape mean?

: covered with or as if covered with a cloak: cover up the encroached jungle Covering the growth of buildings – Sancanox. Intransitive verbs. 1: Covered with coating. 2: Spread on the surface.

What is a man’s mantel?

mantle noun (responsibility)

Responsibilities for important positions or jobs, especially from those who hold that job to those who succeed them: …he was asked to serve as managing director of the New York office.

What is another term for mantle?

other words for mantle

2 veilcover, blanket, screen, cape.

What is Ishash?

1a: Brick, stone or concrete area in front of the fireplace.b: the floor of the fireplace also: the fireplace. c: the lowest part of the furnace, especially: the part of the furnace where the ore or metal is exposed to flame or heat.

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What is Fusion English?

1: Convergent behavior, especially toward union or unity Especially the confluence of three rivers: the coordinated movements of the two eyes form a point image in the corresponding retinal area. 2: The state or property of convergence.

What is a room with a fireplace called?

These rooms are also called fireplace room Because there is usually a fireplace as the focal point, this is a remnant of the room’s original use.

What is an example of a mantle?

The definition of cape is a cape or cape.An example of the mantle is A fancy shawl draped over a cocktail dress. The role or appearance of an authority or important person. Shoulder feathers, upper back, and sometimes bird wings that are a different color from the rest of the body.

What is another name for the middle mantle?

This middle layer is called mantle. The upper part of the mantle becomes solid. The outermost layer, called the crust, is also solid. Together these solid parts are called the lithosphere.

What is another name for the middle mantle?

The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary is often referred to as laboratory. The asthenosphere is almost solid, although some regions of it are molten (eg, below mid-ocean ridges). The lower boundary of the asthenosphere in the mantle is not well defined.

Is the mantle the thickest layer?


This thickness is nearly 3,000 kilometers (1,865 miles) is the thickest layer on earth. It starts just 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) below the surface. Made mostly of iron, magnesium, and silicon, it’s dense, hot, and semi-solid (think caramel). Just like the layers below it, this layer also cycles.

What is the purpose of a mantel?

A mantel, also called a mantel or mantel, constitutes the opening of the fireplace and usually covers part of the chimney chest.It was originally developed for functional purposes during the medieval period to Acts as a light hood to prevent smoke from entering the room, diverting it back to the chimney.

What is the mantle in simple terms?

mantle is Earth’s interior is mostly solid. The mantle sits between Earth’s dense, overheated core and thin outer crust. … the rocks that make up the mantle are mostly silicates – a variety of compounds with the structure of silicon and oxygen.

What is the lower mantle made of?

composition of the earth’s interior

(1,800 miles), consisting of the lower mantle, mainly composed of Magnesium- and iron-containing silicatesincluding high pressure equivalents of olivine and pyroxene.

What does the cape represent in the Bible?

The mantle was originally Just a cloak to keep out the coldThe mantle was first mentioned in the Old Testament as the garment worn by several prophets including Elijah and Elisha.

What does upper mantle mean?

The upper mantle is defined as The mantle segment between the crust and the phase transition of γ-olivine to perovskite. The total mass of the upper mantle is 1.06×1024 kg, which is about a quarter of the total mass of the mantle. Its volume is 2.95 × 1011 km3, which is one third of the total volume of the mantle.

Why is the mantle the thickest layer?

Below the crust is the mantle, a dense, hot, semi-solid rock layer about 2,900 kilometers thick.The mantle contains more iron, magnesium and calcium than the crust and is Because the temperature and pressure inside the Earth increase with depth, it is hotter and denser.

What is the hottest layer on Earth?

core It is the hottest and densest part of the earth. While the core is mostly nickel-iron, the iron catastrophe also drives heavy iron-philes to the center of the Earth.

What is the thinnest layer of the earth?


It is the thinnest layer on earth. *The crust is 5-35 km thick below land and 1-8 km below ocean.

What is the sentence for mantle?

Mantle sentence example. Jackson built a fire, put his hands on the mantle and watched the flames. Earth’s core is surrounded by mantle and crust. Taran smiled and tore off the cloak and handed it to the boy.

What is the state of matter in the mantle?

About 84% of the Earth’s mantle is mostly solidbut behaved as a very viscous fluid in geological time.

What is the living room called?

In Western architecture, living room, and Known as a lounge (Australian English), Lounge (British English), drawing room (British English) or drawing room, it is a room in a home or apartment that is used for relaxation and socializing.

What is the room inside the room called?

hall. noun. A small room or space inside the front door of an American house or apartment.

What is a pantry?

Pantry is a classic architectural feature that is making a comeback in some of today’s hottest home designs.Basically room next to kitchen, where family and friends can relax and have you, the chef, the company in company. That’s why it’s a huge draw in today’s real estate market.

For example, what is convergence?

The definition of fusion is when two or more things come together, join together, or evolve into one.An example of convergence is When a group of people come together to form a unified group.

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