What does it mean to represent?

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What does it mean to represent?

1. in or on behalf of, as a representative or agent. 2. To act for or on behalf of someone.

Is behavior a word?

A: In modern usage, « representative » is a constant noun, no plural. The old plural « behalves » is considered obsolete and has been around for a while. …but back to « representatives ». Right or wrong, the outdated plural still exists and functions in legalese.

How to use representative in a sentence?

: A person’s interest or support in his defense for me. 1: For my benefit, I speak on behalf of my friend. 2: I accept the award on behalf of the class.

What does it mean?

1: Receiving an award on behalf of the class as someone’s representative teacher.2 or the United States on behalf of someone or on behalf of someone: for someone’s benefit: to support someone she speaks on behalf of other candidates.

What is another word that stands for?

On this page you can find 31 representative synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words, such as: sakederogate, derogate, benefit, favor, favor, promote, benefit, help, oppose, and support.

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How do you represent?

« Of » is a preposition; it must always be followed by an objective pronoun. This means you can only say « represent me. « 

Is the endorsement correct?

A: Both expressions are correct, but they have slightly different meanings. I discuss this in my book Woe Is I. « On behalf of » means « for » or « for the benefit of ». « Representative » means « in lieu of » or « as agent ».

represents what?

Opel. (transferred from representative)

Is it true on behalf of me and my family?

If you include yourself in the group you represent, it’s a reflexive pronoun. That is, you would say « on behalf of my family and myself » instead of « on behalf of me and my family ».

How do you use surrogate?

They argue that delegate is used when the meaning is for the benefit of others, but delegate used when speaking for someone. For example, medical decisions will be made on behalf of the patient and you will speak on behalf of your family. The reality is that representative is often used in both meanings.

Is it because of the sentence?

(17) Her illness is because of bad food. (18) He had to retire due to poor health. (19) Due to lack of manpower (Sentence dictionary) (sentencedict.com), this train cannot provide full buffet service. (20) Her disappointing test scores were all due to her lack of concentration in class.

What does representation mean in law?

act for others. Sign a letter on behalf of another person.

How do you spell on my behalf?

On/On behalf of, as a representative or proxy: On behalf of my colleagues, I address you tonight. In/on behalf of someone, for (someone’s) benefit or help: he intercedes on my behalf.

What is the plural of representing?

1. Yes, represent The plural as a representative is perfectly correct. Behalf/Behalves (World Dictionary) Not to be confused with the word « behoves ».

Do it on our behalf?

For someone’s benefit, benefit, or support; as an agent, on behalf of, or in place of someone. Our attorneys will be calling the department on our behalf tomorrow to make sure our application goes through as planned. This decision is on your behalf, so don’t be so ungrateful!

How do you write to represent short?

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you put »pp » Before the name of the person you’re writing to – pp stands for « per pro » (representative and representative).

How do you shorten the rep?

The official abbreviation is « p/p » or « pp ». (par procuration), but you’ll also find « p/ » followed by the person’s name.

How do you reply on behalf of someone?

reply email

  1. In the other person’s mailbox, select the message you want to reply to on behalf of your manager.
  2. Click Home (or Messages if you have messages turned on), and then click Reply, Reply All, or Forward.

how do you write it?

How do I write a letter for someone else? You put « pp » before the name of the person you’re writing to — pp stands for « every professional » (represent and represent).

Does it represent formal or informal?

Just as an addition: the official version on behalf of someone is on someone’s orders or at someone’s request.

What can you stand for and not stand for?


  • Act as representative, advocate, represent, represent, authorize, substitute, authorize, appoint.
  • appear, represent.
  • Interests.

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