What does asinine mean?

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What does asinine mean?

Asinine comes from the Latin asinus, meaning « stupid”, but also “like a donkey or a donkey. « Stupid behavior is not only stupid, but stubborn and lacking judgment like a stubborn donkey.

Is Assinine an oath?

The word is not vulgar at all. As for the connotation, it gives people an air of contempt. Asinin means ‘extremely stupid or stupid‘ and is perfectly acceptable in a school setting.

What is a stupid comment?

stupid or stupid: A stupid comment. (Definition of asinine from the Cambridge Academic Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Can asinine be used to describe a person?

If you describe something or someone as asinine, you mean they are stupid.

How do you use ascenine?

Asinin in a sentence?

  1. How stupid you are to buy a TV for pennies!
  2. Your mom might like it, but I won’t condone your stupidity.
  3. Of all the silly stunts you’ve done before, wearing a swimsuit in the snow is the most important.

What does asinine mean?

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What does it mean to be called blunt?

Obtuse, which comes from the Latin word obtusus, which means « dull » or « blunt »can describe a non-sharp angle or a person who is mentally « sluggish » or mentally retarded. The word has also developed a somewhat controversial meaning of « incomprehensible », possibly as a result of confusion with esoteric.

Is Asininity a word?

adjective 1. totally stupid or stupid: stupid behavior.

What is the best synonym for asinine?

Synonyms for asinine

  • absurd.
  • madness.
  • stupid.
  • Doubtful.
  • idiot.
  • emptiness.
  • idiot.
  • stupid.

What is an ignorant person?

1: a stupid or stupid person …his anger erupted recklessly— »…I’m acting like an idiot!

What does it mean to be pedantic?

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe Someone who annoys others by correcting small mistakesbeing overly concerned with small details, or emphasizing one’s own expertise, especially on some narrow or boring subject.

What could be malignant?


  • Cancer: These tumors are formed by epithelial cells, which are found in the skin and in the tissues that cover or line the body’s organs. …
  • Sarcomas: These tumors start in connective tissue such as cartilage, bone, fat, and nerves. …
  • Germ cell tumors: These tumors develop in cells that produce sperm and eggs.

What does Zetabetical mean?

adjective. zetabetical (not comparable) in reverse alphabetical order.

Is kindness a word?

kindly gracious quality– Friendly and polite.

Is stupidity an insult?

Idiots are extremely stupid people.noun incapable of being used Informally as an insult, meaning « fool ». It originates from the Latin imbecille, meaning « weak or infirm, » and was the official medical term for people with a certain (and low) IQ in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Is low energy rude?

1 rude way to describe synonym for someone you think is stupid idiot They act like idiots.

What is an example of low energy?

The definition of an imbecile is someone who is stupid or not very intelligent.A low energy example is Bad people, people who do stupid things that don’t make any sense…a person who is considered stupid or stupid. noun. (pejorative) Fool, idiot.

What is the synonym of impetuous?

Some common synonyms for impetuous are abruptly, and suddenly. While all of these words mean « to exhibit undue haste or surprise, » impulsive emphasizes extreme impatience or impulsiveness.

What does Inanest mean?

(ĭn-ān’) adj. in·an·er, in·an·est. lack of meaning or substance: Interrupted with a boring comment; mad at my stupid roommate. [Latin inānis, empty, lacking sense.]

What is the antonym of confused?

antonym: calm, nonviolentunangry(p) Synonyms: enraged, angered, raging, maddened, savage, wild, infurated, furious, ferocious, ferocious, furious.

What’s another word for madness?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms and crazy related words for 37, such as: stupid thingstupid, alienated, insane, absurd, nonsense, insane, insane, insane, insane, and insane.

What does it mean to persist?

pass on support for someone or something lest they fall. Her legs were shaking so hard they could barely support her. Synonyms and related words.

Where did Assinine come from?

Asinine derivative from Latin asinus, which means « stupid », but also « like a donkey or a donkey ». Stupidity is not just stupidity, but stubbornness and lack of judgment like a stubborn donkey.

Why is dullness an insult?

The adjective obtuse is a good way to describe someone who is slow to absorb: « Don’t be so obtuse: keep up with the program! » The adjective obtuse literally means « rounded » or « blunt, » but when it’s used for a person, it means « not perceiving quickly or alertly« —in other words, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

What is a blunt example?

Obtuse is defined as someone who understands things slowly. An example of dullness is someone who listens to jokes but doesn’t understand punch lines. …the definition of blunt is not sharp.An example of an obtuse angle is a child’s scissors.

What does esoteric mean?

Profound is used to describe Something that is not easily accessible to lay readers or ordinary people. Specifically, it recommends using advanced-level language or other material suitable for topics that the rest of us may only have a rudimentary understanding of.

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