Is there a word for slander?

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Is there a word for slander?

lie is Tendency to lie. . . Anyone who has a habit of lying has the characteristic of lying. People often accuse government officials of being dishonest, or not being honest enough. Your friend is a pathological liar and your lies are sure to frustrate you.

Is there a word for hypocrisy?

For nouns, the plural men·dac·i·ties means 2. false quality; dishonesty; tendency to lie. Example of lying; fallacy.

What is false and untrue?

lie, deceive or lies. noun. 1. False is defined as untruth or a lie. A lie from a liar is an example of a lie.

What is the opposite of hypocrisy?

lie. antonym: authenticity, truth, frankness, frankness, sincerity. Synonyms: lie, lie, dishonesty, deceit, prevarication, duplicity.

What is a hypocrite?

False \men-DAY-shus\ adjectives. : Give or feature deceit, falsehood or departure from absolute truth.

What does the word MENDACITY mean?

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What does taboo mean?

: stern rebuke. Do you know synonyms and antonyms for other words?

What does dissemble mean in English?

1: hidden under a false appearance Cover the truth. 2: Dress up: Simulate her to lie down and pretend to sleep. Intransitive verbs. : Pretend: To conceal a fact, intention, or feeling under some pretext, he conceals the risk involved.

What does prevarication mean?

Intransitive verbs. : Deviate from the truth : ambiguous.

What is the closest synonym for the word concept?

synonym for idea

  • concept.
  • concept.
  • picture.
  • impression.
  • Knowledge.
  • insight.
  • mood.
  • understand.

What does indisputable English mean?

/ˌɪn.dɪˈspjuː.t̬ə.bli/ in a real and unquestionable way: She said that Segovia was undoubtedly the best guitarist of the 20th century.

What does stubbornness mean?

Stubborn \AHB-duh-rut\ adjective. 1: stubbornly doing wrong. b : Feeling hardened. 2: Resist persuasion or softening effects.

What does secular mean?

Noun, plural mun·dan·i·ties. ordinary state or quality; secular. An example of the mundane: one of the mundane in everyday life.

What is an arrogant person?

Arrogance is overconfidence or arrogance, which leads a person to believe that they may have done nothing wrong. Overwhelming pride caused by arrogance is often considered a character flaw. … hubris often leads to the humiliation of those it targets.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of temptation?

Some common synonyms for seduction are attract, fascinate, fascinate, fascinate and fascinate. While all these words mean « to attract another person by exerting a powerful influence, » glamour means allure to something that is fair, pleasing, or enticing.

What is the antonym of obscure?

Opposite words for obscure

  • outstanding.
  • visible.
  • Understood.
  • perceptible.
  • clearly.
  • exposed.
  • obviously.
  • A known.

What is the synonym of nugatory?

Some common synonyms are empty, empty, idle, otiose, and in vain. While all these words mean « without value or meaning, » nugatory means insignificant or insignificant.

What does sweet whimsy mean?

whimsy is A dreamer and out of touch with the real world may have many. Whimsical people are eccentric but often fanciful and endearing, like Harry Potter friend Luna Lovegood. Whimsy is also a whim—you do something just because you want to.

What part of speech is a concept?

Part of speech: noun. Definition 1: Thought, opinion or opinion. Church leaders at the time could not accept the idea that the earth revolved around the sun.

What is half-truth?

noun, plural half-truth [haf-troothz, hahf-]. Only partially correct statements, especially those designed to deceive, evade blame, etc.

What is it called when you don’t tell the whole truth?

Prevarication Refers to someone lying, especially surreptitiously. …while the noun prevarication is primarily a fancy way of telling a « lie », it can also mean bypassing the truth, being vague about the truth, or even delaying giving someone an answer, especially to avoid telling them The whole truth.

What is the name of the person who hides the truth?

a liar A man who doesn’t tell the truth.

What does duplicity mean in English?

Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning « double« or « double, » as it originally means in English has to do with a deception in which you deliberately hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.

How do you use the word dissemble in a sentence?

Sentence Examples

All ignorant of us dare to have the joy we now pretend to be ; The green finches on the apple branches can make my enemies tremble. I don’t need to hide what this country knows: one of our families didn’t take good advantage of her.

What does the mystery mean?

Full Definition of Enigma

1: something difficult to understand or explain. 2: The mysterious man. 3: Obscure speech or text.

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