Is the house on zapote street a true story?

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Is the house on zapote street a true story?

its about A true story of a family on Sapot Street. …this is a true story about a family living on Sapot Street. This is not an ordinary family, because the father is strict and her obsession with her daughter ends up killing her daughter and husband and herself.

Who is Pablo Cabadin?

1961, Pablo Cabadin 45-year-old Manila police officer, shot and killed his wife, his 24-year-old daughter and her new husband, 36, in a bedroom at the family home in Makati. … Cabading’s killing was prompted by his daughter and her husband rejecting his request for the couple to live in the home.

What is the plot of the house on Zapot Street?

The story, the Sapot Street house, is The tragic love story of a couple named Leonardo and Lydia. Their marriage was bounded by love, but it was ruined by a very jealous evil man who was also Lydia’s mentally ill father. Lydia and her family lead a horrific life at the hands of their owner, Pablo Cabadin.

House on Zapot Street_A short film

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