Is cremorne a word?

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Is cremorne a word?

noun noun. A noun is a word whose meaning determines reality. Nouns give names to everything: people, objects, sensations, sensations, etc.

What does Cremoni mean?

Cremorne is named after London’s Cremorne Gardens, a popular play area in the UK, which takes its name from the Old Irish Crích Mugdornd (Modern Irish: Críoch Mhúrn), which means « boundary‘ or ‘Chief’ of Mugdornd.

Is companionship a word?

verb. become a partner to; to accompany.

Is Outway a word?

noun rare way out; exit.

What is the antonym of exceed?

The opposite of overweight or importance. fail. lose. surrender. behind.

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Is Outway a Scrabble word?

Do not, outway is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another word for exceeding?

1 beyond, eclipsedeclipse, covered.

What is the meaning of exceeding?

: Outweighs advantages over disadvantages in weight, value, or importance.

What is an imbalance?

American English Imbalance

(ˌaʊtˈbæləns ) verb transitive form: ˌoutˈbalanced or ˌoutˈbalancing. more than weight, valueETC.

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