How to use rejection in a sentence?

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How to use rejection in a sentence?

reject sentence example

  1. He tried to deny her, and she fled to Rome, where she died in April 1213. …
  2. « A man is called to accept what he does not deny after knowledge, to have power. »

What is an example of rejection?

An action that makes the opponent unable to perform. when refusing, Action speaks louder than words. For example, suppose a couple should repay two loans from their business profits. …their reckless, voluntary actions were seen as a rejection of the original loan agreement.

What does refusal mean?

: refusal or waiver of duty or obligation (under a contract) especially: An expected rejection. Note: The party aggrieved by the breach may consider the breached contract to have been breached and file a remedy action.

Can you reject someone?

Rejection: to abandon, deny (something or person previously claimed to be one’s own or related to oneself). Reject is a transitive verb. You reject something or someone you no longer wish to associate can refuse one debtwife, or faith.

What is the meaning of Discent?

different idea, especially the majority; refusal to agree; disagreement (usually followed): Two judges disagree with a majority decision. Disagree with the methods, goals, etc. of a party or government; hold opposing views. … different opinions.

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What is a waiver?

1: fraud To (oneself) take an oath or as if taking an oath. 2a: Rejection or waiver under oath. b : give up seriously. 3: Sworn denial. Intransitive verbs.

What is an act of refusal?

The easiest way to refuse is When a party comes forward and admits that they are unwilling or unable to perform their obligations under the contract. A party’s conduct may also constitute a refusal. … whether a party denies is an objective test by the court.

What does Scurrillous mean?

Crude \SKUR-uh-lus\ adjective. 1: use or give vulgar language.b: vulgar and evil. 2: Contains obscene, abusive or defamatory content.

How do I accept rejection?

If the other party rejects the contract, you have two options. you can: accept rejection and choose to terminate the contract; or. Confirm the contract and insist that the other party continue to perform.

Is rejection the same as termination?

Effects of termination

A contract terminated by rejection ends when the contract is rejected. The rights given to the parties by the contract are still valid. instead, refuse to terminate future performance of the contract.

Does rejection mean termination?

‘ What is a test of denial, is the act or whether the act is equal to’Indicate the intent to no longer be bound by the contract. . . notwithstanding a breach of the express contract terms, it does not suffice to create a right of termination under the contract terms.

What is Denial of Attack?

Denial attack occurs When the application or system does not employ controls to properly track and record user actions, thereby allowing malicious manipulation or falsification of the identity of new actions. …if such an attack were to occur, the data stored in the log files could be considered invalid or misleading.

What is self-denial?

n. deny one’s own pleasure or rightsusually out of guilt or inferiority complex.

How can you be undeniable?

There are two types of security mechanisms that can be used to generate proof of non-repudiation: Secure Envelopes and Digital Signatures. A secure envelope provides protection of message origin and integrity based on a shared secret key between communicating parties.

What does defamation mean in English?

1: False accusations or misrepresentations that defame and damage the reputation of others.2: False and defamatory oral statements about a person – compare defamatory.

Can a person be rude?

The definition of scurrilous is very abusive stuff, or the disgraceful and potentially harmful spread of rumors to damage someone’s reputation. Vicious, verbal, abusive attacks on teachers are an example of lewd attacks. … (someone) is subjected to vulgar abuse; swearing.

What does elated mean?

: elated : ecstatic.

What is a refusal letter?

What is rejection? …so the denial is a form of breach of contract. Once the contract is rejected, the aggrieved party can choose to enforce or accept the rejection and proceed to cancel the contract and claim damages.

What are the elements of refusal?

Denial can be demonstrated by:

  • words or actions that constitute an express or implied refusal to perform; or.
  • Words or actions that indicate that the promisor is unable to perform the entire contract or an essential obligation under the contract.

What is your oath?

oath is A solemn commitment to your conduct or actions. . . Usually, when you take an oath, the promise invokes a divine being. For example, you can swear to God that something is true, or swear in the Bible that something is true.

What part of speech is abandonment?

verb (used with objects), for swore [fawr-swawr]swore for [fawr-swawrn], for·swear·ing. Oath of refusal or renunciation: renounce harmful habits.

What is a perjurer?

Verb (used with object), per jured, per jur ing. make (oneself) guilty of falsely swearing or knowingly making a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation: The witness gave perjury in denying knowledge of the accused.

Is it an example of objection?

Dissent is defined as disagreement.An example of an objection is Two kids disagree on who can play with a particular toy. Refusing to obey the authority or teachings of an established church; disqualification. …reject the teachings and forms of established churches.

Who is called dissent?

objection is a Opinions, philosophies or sentiments that disagree with or oppose prevailing ideas or policies implemented by the government, political parties, or other entities or individuals with contextual authority capabilities. Those who dissent can be called dissenters.

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