Disobedience in a sentence?

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Disobedience in a sentence?

Main clause example.here They had their own headquarters and conquered Russia for nearly three centuriesA few years later (704 BC) the combined forces of Elam and Babylon were overthrown at Keith and the Cassites were surrendered the following year.

How do you use edges in sentences?

edging sentence example

  1. In other words, it has gradually moved away from identification with (all or any) doctrine. …
  2. The main forces quickly resumed contact, each advancing northwestward toward Tennessee, and again at Galesville, Alabama, and Decatur.

How do you use disobedience in a sentence?

Disobedient Sentence Examples

  1. Philip was often disturbed by the disobedience of the Flemish commune. …
  2. He declared his accession by executing his brother and nephew. And initially demonstrated resolve by boldly cutting down two officers who showed signs of disobedience in the presence of their troops.

How do you use the word « conquer » in a sentence?

Derogatory Sentence Examples

  1. His most notable recorded achievement was the conquest of Moab and the seizure of parts of its territory. …
  2. Munch completed his conquest of Scotland in 1654. …
  3. – Vespasian let his opponents consume each other and captured his army in a way of conquering a nation.

How to use hyperbole in a sentence?

Exaggerated Sentence Examples

  1. He is notorious for deliberately exaggerating in narrative and numerical presentations. …
  2. But everything he did was exaggerated. …
  3. This is of course an exaggeration – infidelity has to be worse.

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What is an exaggerated example?

It means to describe something and make it richer than it actually is. The verb is exaggeration. An example of hyperbole is: « I was walking when suddenly this huge dog was gone… Another example of hyperbole: « I caught a fish the size of my house. »

What are the 5 repeated examples?

Repeated example: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. « Oh, sad, oh, sad, sad, sad day! » I still have a long way to go before I go to bed, I still have a long way to go before I go to bed.

What do you mean by subordinate?

1: Useful at lower abilities : Subordinates. 2: The service promotes some purpose. 3 : Submissive obedience: Posture.

What are some examples of disobedience?

Examples of disobedience include:

  • Refusing to obey orders from supervisors.
  • Shows disrespect to superiors in vulgar or sarcastic language.
  • Directly question or ridicule management decisions.

What does provocative mean in English?

: refuse to obey something or someone : Full of provocation. See the full definition of defiance in the English Learner’s Dictionary. provocative. adjective. de ​fi ​ant | \ di-ˈfī-ənt \

What does disobedience mean?

Disobedience in the workplace means The employee willfully refuses to obey the lawful and reasonable order of the employer. Such refusal undermines the supervisor’s level of respect and management and, therefore, is often grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal.

What does edging mean?

« edging » includes Sexual stimulation to the point of orgasm before stopping or slowing down…some people may use edging as a way to extend the duration of sexual activity, while others may want to increase the intensity or explore different sexual activities.

What does it mean to be on the edge?

The word « on the edge » means « feel nervous » Or « not calm and relaxed ». It is often said that someone is worried and scared about what might happen.

What does edging mean?

Edging is A way to extend the time it takes for one or both partners to reach orgasm. While it’s generally considered a technique for men to last longer, anyone can benefit from edging. Partners learn to communicate and stop sexual stimulation completely before orgasm.

What is a humble person?

Some common synonyms for subordinate are humbleservility and servility.

What is submissive behavior?

adjective. serve or act in a subordinate capacity; subordinates. Excessive obedience; servile; flattering: a submissive person; submissive behavior. Contribute to the furtherance of a purpose or purpose.

What is a submissive woman?

adjective. If you are subordinate, you do what anyone wants you to do. Her willingness to obey her children made her feel isolated. Synonyms: more synonyms for service, submissive, deferential, subject. Submission (səbsɜrviəns ) uncountable noun.

What does it mean to conquer yourself?

conquer verb [T] (control)

be good to yourselfyour wishes, or your beliefs are less important than others or their wishes or beliefs: she submits herself to her mother’s needs.

What is an example of conquest?

filter. Conquest is a state of being controlled or secondary. When a culture makes women inferior to men and prevents them from progressingwhich is an example of conquest.

What are rhyming examples?

Rhyming is the repetition of a similar sound (usually the exact same sound) in the final stressed syllable and any subsequent syllables of two or more words. …some examples of rhyming words are: cat, fat, bad, ad, add, sad, etc..

What are 5 examples of personification?

Common Personification Examples

  • Lightning flashed across the sky.
  • The night wind is howling.
  • The car complained that the key was being turned roughly during ignition.
  • Rita heard the last pie calling her name.
  • My alarm clock wakes me up every morning.

How do you identify duplicates?

repetition is a literary device involves using the same words or phrases over and over in an essay or speech. Repetition is used by various writers, but is especially popular in speech and spoken language, where the audience’s attention can be more limited.

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