Why does the postmaster send money to lencho?

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Why does the postmaster send money to lencho?

Postmaster sends money to Rancho To keep Rancho’s faith in God. When he read Rancho’s letter, he became serious and wished he had the same faith in God. Even after he saw that Rancho asked for money, he insisted on his determination to reply.

Why did the postmaster send money to Rancho and why did he sign God Brainly’s letter?

The Postmaster sent the money to Rancho so that his faith in God would not be harmed. He signed the letter as God so that Rancho could believe that the letter was written by God himself.

Why did the postman sign the letter as God?

The postmaster was moved by Rancho’s complete faith in God. So, he decided to send money to Rancho. … So he signed the letter « God ».it is A good strategy for conveying the message that God himself wrote this letter.

Why did the postmaster do this then?

The postmaster decides to help Rancho.he Ask his colleagues to donate some money He also donated part of his salary. … In keeping with the author’s faith in God, the postmaster decided to reply. When he read that Rancho needed a hundred pesos, he asked the employee for money.

What is the postmaster’s wish?

Answer: The Postmaster wants to A letter from her only daughter, Miriam, who is married to a soldier in the Punjab regiment. So, for many years, he has been waiting for her letter. This question is taken from the NCERT English chapter « A Letter to God ».

Why did the postmaster send money to Rancho? Why did he sign the « God » letter?

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How did the postmaster help Rancho?

answer. The postmaster was fascinated by Rancho’s faith in God, and he didn’t want to let his faith falter. He asked his staff and friends Help Rancho. He was determined to help Rancho, and he himself contributed a portion of his salary to the charity.

Who did the postmaster send money to Rancho?

answer postmaster Send money to Rancho to maintain Rancho’s faith in God. When he read Rancho’s letter, he became serious and wished he had the same faith in God. Even after he saw that Rancho asked for money, he insisted on his determination to reply.

What irony does the letter to God have in this lesson?

In the lesson « Letter to God, » the irony is Lencho’s fields were destroyed by a hailstorm and his family was left without food for the rest of the yearBecause of his great faith in God, he wrote a letter to God begging God to give him one hundred pesos so he could re-sow his land.

Who is Rancho calling a bunch of liars?

rancho call post office employee « A bunch of crooks » because he thought they had taken half of the money God sent him.

Why does the postmaster send money?

Postmaster sends money to Lencho helps him and keeps his faith in God. Rancho was impressed by his faith in God. He wished he could have the same faith in God. …he signed the letter as God because he didn’t want to shake lencho’s faith in God.

Why make him angry?

What makes him angry? Rancho is angry when he counts the money God sent him. He found that the money was only seventy pesos and he asked for one hundred pesos. He believes the post office worker stole the rest of the money because God never makes a mistake.

Why does Rancho say raindrops are like new coins?

Lencho likens raindrops to new coins Because the raindrops help him grow and harvest crops, resulting in more prosperity. So he likened raindrops to new coins.

How would Lencho describe the post office employee?

Answer: Rancho calls post office employees « a bunch of liars » Because he thought they had taken half of the money God sent him. Rancho did not receive the full amount in the envelope, and he was saddened.

When Rancho says the post office workers are a bunch of liars, what does he mean?

Rancho calls post office workers a bunch of liars Because he didn’t get all the money he asked for. He couldn’t believe that God gave him less money, so he doubted these people. But he was wrong to say they were a bunch of liars. Question 1.

Would you disagree with Rancho calling them a bunch of liars?

Rancho completely believed in God. …since he has faith in God, although God has given him a hundred paisa, the only possibility of receiving less is Post office worker stole the rest His thirty paisa. So he called the post office employees a bunch of liars.

What is the message of this lesson on Letters to God?

« Letter to God » by Gregorio Lopez Capture moral lessons about faith, greed and appreciation. The reader sees a poor farmer write a letter to God after his crops are destroyed. … One of the themes of this story is faith. This man prayed very faithfully to God for one hundred pesos.

What is the irony of the letter to God at the end of the story?

A: The irony of the ending is that Rancho, who had a great faith in God, was not satisfied with human behavior, and his faith in God became even stronger when Rancho got an envelope with money from the post office .

What does Rancho compare raindrops to?

Answer: Lencho, a poor farmer, was waiting for the rain to harvest, so when it rained, Lencho likened raindrops to new coinsThe big drop is ten cents and the small one is five cents because the crops are in desperate need of rain, a sign of a good harvest.

Is there anyone like Rancho?

Answer: Yes There may be several figures like Lencho in the real world. He is an unmistakable and innocent man.

How did the postman react when he showed him a letter to God?

When the postman received Rancho. letter, he laughed, and took the letter to the postmaster. The postmaster looked at the letter to God and laughed too. However, he soon became serious.

How did the postmaster feel when Lencho received the letter?

postmaster after receiving rencho’s letter Laugh at the child’s innocence, but at the same time He was deeply moved to see Rancho’s faith in God. He wanted to keep Rancho’s belief in omnipotence intact, so he asked his colleagues to donate some money to send him.

What kind of person is the postmaster?

The postmaster was a fat, amiable young man.he is a sane and compassionate person He was amazed at the depth of his faith in God that Rancho showed. Although at first he was amused by Rancho’s letter to God, he became serious and wanted to help Rancho because he did not want his faith to be shaken.

Who is Lencho and what are his main questions?

Rancho was a farmer who wrote a letter to God when his crops were destroyed. He wrote to God for a hundred pesos.His main problem is hail damages crops. The hail proved more catastrophic than the locusts, and as a result, he had no food reserves for the following year.

Who helped Rancho?

postmaster With the help of lencho, the postmaster can decide to take the money and take lencho… A: When the postmaster saw this letter, he couldn’t believe that someone had such a belief, he didn’t want lencho’s belief to be bad so he collected some money…

What does Lencho call post office workers and why is this situation ironic?

Lencho believes that post office employees have taken the rest of the money.Ironically, the employees he accepted Dubbed a ‘gang of crooks’ for allegedly taking some of the money sent by God, are those who donated money for him and sent him money. ask.

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