Why did Alice and Jasper leave?

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Why did Alice and Jasper leave?

After she « saw » the Volturi army approaching, She disappeared with Jasperto make everyone believe that they abandoned the Cullen family to save their own lives.

What happened to Alice and Jasper?

at the new moon, Jasper graduated, leaving Alice and Edward in their senior year of high school. At Bella’s birthday party, Jasper can’t contain his bloodlust due to decoupage. Because of this, Edward decided to keep Bella behind while his family moved on to keep her safe.

Why did Jasper and Alice leave in Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Alice, who has the ability to foresee the future, discovers that the Volturi family will follow the Cullen family. . . The sight in front of her made her feel distressed. The next day, Jasper and Alice were gone.

What is Alice’s message to Bella?

Stephanie Meyer

The note was torn from Bella’s book The Merchant of Venice.In it, Alice explains She and Jasper will send out any friends they can find, but they won’t be back, and the Cullen family shouldn’t be looking for them.

Why do Jasper and Rosalie have the same last name?

so Rosalie kept her original last name and they pretended Jasper was her twin brother, hence his surname. The whole reason is so that they can be seen publicly among ordinary people, and it looks like their story is realistic, they were both adopted by the Cullen family, so they are a family, but not actually related.

Why Twilight Cuts Alice’s Backstory From the Movies

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Why did Renesmee bite Bella?

Bella near death after giving birth to Renesmee as her body can’t handle the trauma of the baby being ripped from herThat’s why Edward stood by to inject Bella’s heart with his own venom, and why he immediately bit her in as many places as possible to prevent her from dying.

Are Alice and Jasper dating in real life?

Ashley Green as Alice Cullen

Happy, smart and very friendly Alice Found her Jasper in real life. Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury tied the knot in front of awe-inspiring crowds in a fairytale wedding in San Jose. They exchanged their wedding vows in a summer ceremony in the redwoods.

Why does Renesmee look fake?

it looks like less natural than CGI babies, which is saying something. After they saw how bad the animatronics looked, they decided to use real babies and toddlers and opted to use CGI to put a modified version of Mackenzie Foy’s face on everyone.

How did Alice become a vampire?

Alice’s early history is ambiguous, as she knows nothing about her life and wakes up alone as a vampire. … Alice is transformed by an old vampire who works in a mental hospital to protect her from Jamesa stalking vampire who is chasing her.

Is Edward a virgin?

The same goes for Twilight, Stephenie Meyer’s story of 17-year-old Bella Swan and her biology class partner, the brooding vampire Edward Cullen fall in love.Edward was described as extremely beautiful, chivalrous and virtuous, so Strong he has been a virgin for 108 years.

Are Alice and Jasper married?

Alice and Jasper have been together since the 1950s, but their relationship isn’t as flashy as Rosalie and Emmett.They are said to be soul mates legally married once.

Who turned Carlisle into a vampire?

Carlisle’s adopted son: Emmett Cullen. Emmett Cullen was Carlisle’s youngest adopted son and the last vampire he created. In 1935, Rosalie found him killed by a bear, carried him back to Carlisle, more than 100 miles away, and asked him to turn him into a vampire.

Does Jasper like Bella?

A romantic collaboration with Alice, Jasper is Bella’s friendliest Cullen brother. . (Though Bella does get tired of him changing her mood.) It’s important to note that while Jasper is definitely friendlier than Emmett and Rosalie, his relationship with Bella The relationship is nowhere near as close as Alice’s.

How does Alice see Renesmee’s future?

She saw how vampires would die, or who they would kill, even werewolves.she sees the future through the mind of a vampirethey happen to be dealing with werewolves or half-breeds.

What is the power of Carlisle Cullen?

Carlisle’s gift is high sympathy This makes him resistant to human blood. He is able to bite people (to transform them) without succumbing to the frenzy and killing them. Esme’s gift is to love those around her passionately, which allows her to express love with ease.

Will Jacob marry Renesmi?

Renesmee played with Lucina as a child. Renesmee marries Jacob And let Lucina be her bridesmaid.

Did Bella’s father know she was a vampire?

After Bella turned into a vampire, Jacob Tell him about the underlying supernatural world and Bella’s relationship to it, though not directly that she’s turned into a vampire. Although the change caused shock, he learned to deal with it and eventually became part of her new life.

Can Renesmee be a full vampire?

concept. Renesmee developed rapidly during Bella’s pregnancy. The whole process is extremely risky, and because the human body is fragile, it is easy to fail. …the only known way to save the mother after the fetus is born is an injection Vampire venom enters her body and turns her into a vampire.

Why is Carlisle Cullen so rich?

Carlisle Cullen won his Gain wealth with compound interest and some savvy long-term investing With Alice’s help, her prescient abilities allow the family to predict changes in the stock market and invest accordingly.

Why is Carlisle called Rosalie Kitty?

‘ » To get Edward fast across the court and through the woods at the start of the game to catch the ball Rosalie hit, Pattinson had to tie the wires that would pull him.  …and Carlisle « Pretty Kitten » comment for Rosalie after her intense gaze with Bellawho called her out, was Facinelli’s idea.

What is Rosalie’s backstory?

Rosalie is Bella Swan’s foster sister With Renesmee Cullen’s foster aunt, and Royce King II’s ex-fiancee. Rosalie was turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen in 1933 after being gang-raped and dismembered to the brink of death by her fiancé and his friends.

Why does Rosalie hate being a vampire?

6 She doesn’t like being a vampire

When Emmett finished his makeover, he immediately found himself enjoying the life of a vampire. … Rosalie hates she is infertileand hope she can grow old and lead a more normal life with Emmett.

How can Jasper control Bella’s emotions?

Why can Jasper manipulate Bella’s emotions? …Stephanie Meyer tries to answer this question on her website, explaining that unlike other vampire powers, Jasper’s power actually affects Bella’s body by adjusting her pulse and endorphins to calm Bella.

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