who is lmes premanand?

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who is lmes premanand?

Premanand Sethurajan is a Founder and Director of Let’s Make Education [LMES] Without a doubt, he is one of the famous Youtuber, educator and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Founder – LMES Academy, Chitti app, PickMyCareer and LMES Foundation.

Who is the owner of Lmes?

Premanand Sethurajan – Founder & Director – LMES Academy | LinkedIn.

What is the Lmes project?

More videos on YouTube

Our journey starts with social media (YouTube and Facebook) by posting short video blogs explaining scientific and engineering concepts of varying difficulty levels using their real-world application in the name of the channel,’Make engineering easy‘(LMES).

Why are engineers unsuccessful? |LMES Premanand |Make Engineering Simple|Awareness|MT42

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