When is it plain?

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When is it plain?

unpretentious stuff no decoration or decoration. It’s as simple as a room without any walls, or someone dressed in purely functional clothes with no accessories. To adorn something is to adorn it or to dress it up. If something is plain, it lacks decoration.

What does unadorned mean?

: no decoration : lack of embellishment or decoration: plain, simple.

What does it mean when something happens at the same time?

1: Presence or simultaneous occurrence of: coincidentally. 2: The same value that satisfies the simultaneous equations of variables.

When things can’t be explained, what’s it called?

Adjectives beyond understanding, explaining. baffling. mysterious. incomprehensible.

What is plain prose?

In rhetoric, the term plain style refers to For simple, direct and straightforward speaking or writing…According to Richard Lanham, the « three core values » of the austere style are « clarity, brevity, and sincerity, ‘CBS’ essay theory » (Analyzing Prose, 2003).

When we were young – unpretentious

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What is the synonym of unmodified?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms and unmodified related words for 21, for example: Seriousnatural, plain, unadorned, bare, barren, pristine, naked, unadorned, bare, dry.

How do you use simplicity in sentences?

unpretentious example sentences

  1. His demeanor was simple, his speech unpretentious, almost routine. …
  2. Cettigne itself is little more than a walled village, made up of a cluster of whitewashed cottages and some modest public buildings.

What is unknown cause?

: Unexplained or Unexplained Errors Unexplained Delays.

How do you explain the unexplainable?

How to explain the unexplainable

  1. Don’t delay. Regardless of the topic, it should be discussed on a case-by-case basis. …
  2. Create a safe place. Find a comfortable place for your conversation and elevate your child’s position. …
  3. Respect concerns. …
  4. Provide comfort. …
  5. Sensitive to emotions. …
  6. Take action. …
  7. Monitor media.

What is the best definition of unexplainable?

: can not explain : Inexplicable, unexplainable A seemingly unexplainable occurrence of unexplainable behavior.

What happened at the same time?

describe with adverbs simultaneous actions. You are reading this sentence and learning a new word at the same time! At the same time it is not necessary to describe two different actions. It just means things are happening at the same time.

What is the word for doing two things at the same time?

some common synonyms Simultaneously It is contemporaneous, contemporaneous, contemporaneous, contemporary and synchronous. While all of these words mean « existing or happening at the same time, » simultaneously means a correspondence at a certain moment in time.

What means?

: Lack of embellishment or elaborate (like decorative elements or fancy details): The fact that a plain, unadorned room is unadorned doesn’t embellish their trip. Synonyms and Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn more about Unmodified.

What does multifaceted mean?

: There are many different parts: There are many aspects.

What does not decorate mean?

: no decoration or decoration: no decoration an unadorned room/building undecorated pottery also : plain, simple, unadorned truth, unadorned truth.

Is unexplainable a real word?

No explanation; Failure to provide a (good or coherent) explanation.

Is it inexplicable or unexplainable?

baffling and unexplainable both mean « unexplainable », but unexplicable also often implies that something cannot be explained or explained.

Is unexplainable an adverb?

inexplicable adjective. Adjectives are words that accompany a noun to identify or qualify it.

What part of speech is pacifist?

Part of speech: noun. Definition 1: A person who opposes war and rejects violence as a way of resolving disputes or resisting aggression. Some pacifists abandoned their ideals and entered World War II.

How do you use destruction in a sentence?

destroy in a sentence examples

She tried to undermine my authority by complaining to my boss about me. The events of the past year have eroded confidence in the government.

How to use simplicity in a sentence?

serious sentence examples

  1. The temple is simple to the point of simplicity, without any luxuries. …
  2. Brady has performed many missions in other countries under severe conditions. …
  3. He first came to Port Royal, where he began to live a secluded and simple life.

What is the meaning of luxury living?

: Attracts or likes to attract attention by showing off wealth or cleverness They live in a huge, luxurious house.

What does tireless mean?

: can’t get tired : The tireless worker.

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