What do I mean by fence or fence?

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What do I mean by fence or fence?

when the poet says « a wall or a wall » He tried to express the predicament he was in. As he pondered what purpose the stone wall between him and his neighbors was for, he pondered. He is not sure who he is rightly blocking or allowing.

Am I making a figure of speech in a fence or a fence?

metaphor: This is a metaphor in which an implicit comparison is made between objects of different nature. The whole poem uses only one metaphor. It is used on line 17 and is stated as « some are bread, some are almost balls ». He likened the stones to bread and balls.

I’m on a fence or a fence, who do I want to offend?

go through Robert Frost

I’m on or outside the fence and whoever I want to offend. Our speakers wondered why good fences can be good neighbors. Are fences and walls good because they maintain peace between neighbors by ensuring that neither property is destroyed?

What does the word fence mean?

go all out or lose control. Usually used when talking about a party or something happening. We got to the club and started the siege. See more words that have the same meaning: wild, strange, crazy.

What does Robert Frost’s poem « Mending the Wall » mean?

« Mending the Wall » is a poem written by poet Robert Frost.the poem Describe two neighbors repairing a fence between their estates. However, it is clear that this situation is a metaphor for the relationship between two people. This wall is a manifestation of the emotional barriers that separate them.

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What is the basic theme of the poem on the wall?

The widely accepted « patch the wall » theme Self-imposed barriers that prevent human interaction. In this poem, the speaker’s neighbor has been meaninglessly rebuilding a wall. Fences are not only beneficial to anyone, they are also detrimental to their land. But the neighbors are ruthless when it comes to maintenance.

Why are they driving the rabbits out of the mending wall?

For the poet, it seems Hunter comes to the wall in winter and removes the stone To drive the rabbit away from its hiding place inside the wall. By removing parts of the walls, hunters destroyed the rabbits’ hiding places, thereby making it easier for their dogs to chase them.

OUT OUT What are the implications for human life?

The hum in Robert Frost’s « Out–Out– » symbolizes the unconscious power of machinery, When out of human control, it destroys human life.

What is the rhythm of patchwork poetry?

Answer and Explanation: However, Robert Frost’s « Mending the Wall » is written in blank poetry. therefore, it has no rhyme scheme. Blank poems are poems written with unrhymed lines, but do have some structure in the form of meters. Mostly, the meter is the iambic pentameter.

Frost imagined his neighbor as an ancient stone barbarian, what might comment?

The speaker referred to the neighbor as an « armed old barbarian » because he was old-fashioned. He stood like a primitive man, holding stones in his hands, as if he was fully armed for battle. Neighbors think « Good fences make good neighbors. » The neighbors learned from his father what he knew.

What means?

spring is Naughty time of year as the cracks in the walls are found in the spring. This poem is about two neighbors who have a wall between their land. They agreed to hold an annual meeting and maintain the wall, fixing any loopholes that arise during the year.

What do you think is an unwanted wall?

Explanation: The speaker of the poem says this because he has experienced « something » that swells and cracks the icy ground beneath the wall. …according to the speaker, nature broke the wall Because it doesn’t like it staying there. …this « thing » is an invisible force of nature.

What’s not to love about walls?

Some things don’t like walls, that Send frozen ground expansion below itand sprinkled the upper boulders in the sun; … we keep the wall between us.

What are some examples of the parable of building a wall?

There is an example of a simile in « Mending the Wall ». It connects the speaker’s neighbors with « ancient barbarians » throughout the poem. The speaker thought his neighbor was a stodgy, irrational traditionalist. However, his neighbors want to continue to maintain community connections.

What is anthropomorphic patchwork?

personification–« There’s nothing that doesn’t love a wall, / It swells the frozen ground below it, / Spreads the boulders above it in the sun« —a force at work against boundaries, an invisible force of nature.

What is the irony of patching the wall?

Perhaps the greatest irony of the poem « Mending the Wall » is that Speaker continues to help rebuild the wall, even though he realizes he doesn’t agree with its existenceAs the poem progresses, the speaker notices how various natural forces, such as the ground and animals, conspire to tear down walls each winter.

What style is the wall patch?

style. « Fix the Wall » is Written in unrhymed iambic pentameter or blank verse, a popular English form. iamb is a prosodic foot consisting of two syllables, the first unstressed and the second stressed. In iambic pentameter, then, each line would consist of ten syllables.

What form of poetry or pattern is the patchwork?

« Mending the Wall » no rhyme, which is the unrhymed iambic pentameter. This is the verse form commonly used in Shakespeare’s plays (along with prose and some rhymes) and epics such as Milton’s Paradise Lost.

What is the main difference between Sandburg’s fog and Frost’s mended wall?

What is the main difference between Sandburg’s « The Fog » and Frost’s « Mending the Wall »? « Fog » is used in everyday terms, but « wall repair » is not. « Fog » is used metaphorically, while « Made the wall » is not.

What does the saw symbolize inside and out?

Expert Answers

mwestwood, MA The buzzing saw in « Out–Out– » by Robert Frost symbolizes mechanical unconscious forceonce out of human control, it will destroy human life.

What is the point of view out?

narrative is First-person perspective. Frost may be the narrator because he knew it personally. As a bystander, the narrator is free to express his thoughts when the boy realizes that he is about to lose his hand.

What is the message of this poem?

« Get out, get out » tell The tragic story of a boy injured in an accidentJust as he was getting ready to go to dinner, his arm got caught in a chainsaw – he lost his hand and died of blood loss. As such, the poem is a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the fact that tragedy can happen to anyone at any time.

What are the two opposing ideas of wall patching?

« Mending the Wall » is a poem that expresses two opposing attitudes in order to maintain the divide between people. Every neighbor has a different opinion. One neighbor wants a visible line to separate their property, while the other sees no reason.

How does the narrator describe the wall repairing activity?

In « Fixing the Wall, » the speaker described the activity of patching the wall as It’s an « outdoor game » he plays with his neighbors. The two walk along the wall together, picking up « the boulders they have fallen ». They return these to the wall, sometimes with difficulty.

What brought the wall down in the first place?

What brought the wall down in the first place? … hunter destroys wall. Robert Frost has a spell that balances the stones.

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