To please with a simple word?

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To please with a simple word?

(1) He goes out of his way to please his employer(2) He is always trying to please his boss. (3) Many politicians want to please her. (4) She tried to please the director in hopes of getting a promotion.

How do you use ingratiate in a sentence?

flattering sentence example

  1. The girl spared no effort to please herself, not only to please the Queen, but also to please the Grand Duke and the Russian people.
  2. Maybe Señor Medena was trying to please Alex.

What does flattery mean in a sentence?

1: Intentional or adopted to gain favor : likable. 2: Can please: A flattering smile. Other Words Synonyms and Antonyms for ingratiatingMore Example SentencesLearn more about ingratiating.

What is the inherent sentence?

(1) Stress is an inherent part of dieting. (2) The love of music is innate. (3) Almost every sport has inherent dangers/risks. (4) There is no inherent virtue in reading all the latest books.

What does it mean to please?

To please the \in-GRAY-shee-ayt\ verb. : Gain favor or favorable acceptance through deliberate effort — Usually used with with.

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What is an example of flattery?

Catering is the process by which one person tries to gain the approval or acceptance of another.For example, if A woman who wants her mother-in-law to like her may « kiss » her by giving her a compliment or gift.

What is a flattering smile?

The word ingratiating comes from a combination of the Latin prefix in- meaning « in » and gratia meaning « favor, Grace ».the person who pleases is Trying to gain favor or favor from those around you. . . A person’s smile can be likable, just use its charm to win people’s love.

What are the inherent examples?

Inherent definitions are basic qualities of a person or thing.An example of inherent is bird’s ability to fly. Existing in someone or something as a natural, indivisible quality, characteristic or right; inherent; innate; fundamental.

What is an example of inherent power?

While the Constitution does not confer inherent powers, it is a reasonable and logical extension of the powers vested in the President and Congress.Examples of inherent power include Regulate immigration, acquire territory and end strikes.

What is another word for born?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for 16 such as: intrinsicnatural, intrinsic, intrinsic, indivisible, hereditary, congenital, demonstrable, intrinsic, innate, fundamental.

What does elated mean?

: elated : ecstatic.

How do you please?

People can please themselves in many ways. A frequent use is to show interest in another person; ask questions, notice and single out the person so you can make him or her feel special.The second strategy is help or help someone.

How do you use the word microcosm in a sentence?

Abbreviated Sentence Examples

  1. The fashions shown are the epitome of 1930s style.
  2. His lifestyle is the epitome of unsustainable living.
  3. The hotel is the epitome of British colonial elegance in Jamaica.
  4. He’s the epitome of cool; but, sadly, he’s given up on manners.

How do you use interloper in a sentence?

example: As he watched the frightened doe and her fawns fly into the woods, Nelson felt like an intruder in the forest world.

How do you use the ineffable in a sentence?

Ineffable Sentence Examples

  1. « I’ve forgotten everything; I don’t know what’s going on in me; I breathe an indescribably sweet air with my soul, not my senses.
  2. Neoplatonism seeks this in the ecstatic intuition of the ineffable.
  3. Our deepest encounters with God are sometimes almost ineffable, almost ineffable.

What are 4 examples of inner strength?

Examples of inherent power include The power to control immigration, the power to acquire territory, and the power to quell rebellions. Powers delegated to state governments are reserved powers. These powers are not vested in the national government, but neither are they vested in the states.

What is a simple definition of inner power?

Inherent power is Powers necessary for government departments to do their jobs. The President has the power to issue executive orders, enforce (or not enforce) laws and order prohibitions.

What does habeas corpus literally mean?

A writ of habeas corpus literally means « you will have a body« —that is, the judge must bring the accused person into court to hear the charges against him.

What is an example of inherent risk?

Unconventional accounts or transactions may carry some inherent risks.For example, accounting for Fire damage or acquisition of another company This is so rare that auditors run the risk of focusing too much or too little on unique events.

How do you use initiative in sentences?

Active in a sentence?

  1. Emma took the initiative to clean her room before her parents asked.
  2. Thanks to Ben’s initiative to start a recycling program, the beach is much cleaner today.
  3. Some community members have taken the initiative to start talking about rising crime.

What is a tangible sentence?

Tangible Sentence Examples

These characters are as tangible as all of us standing in this room. Some people prefer tangible gifts, while others would rather spend time with friends or on the phone. I place less hope in tangible things, but in thoughts and words.

Who is smart?

Smarty Description overly likable and hypocritical people. A bright student might tell the teacher with a smile, « You look cuter than usual today ». Smarmy describes someone trying to be suave and charming – without fooling anyone.

What is camouflage?

Verb (used with object), dis sem bleed, dis sem bling. Give false or misleading appearances; conceal truth or nature : to cover up his incompetence in business. To dress up; to pretend: to pretend to be innocence. … verb (used without object), dis sem bleed, dis sem bling.

What does it mean to be called blunt?

Obtuse, which comes from the Latin word obtusus, which means « dull » or « blunt »can describe a non-sharp angle or a person who is mentally « sluggish » or mentally retarded. The word has also developed a somewhat controversial meaning of « incomprehensible », possibly as a result of confusion with esoteric.

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