Is uncooperative the right word?

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Is uncooperative the right word?

not cooperating
failure or refusal to cooperate, especially nonviolent civil disobedience against a government or an occupying power. non’co·op’er·a’tion·ist n. non’co·op’er·a·tive (-ŏp’ər-ə-tĭv, -ŏp’ə-rā’-) adj.

Is non-cooperation a word?


failure or refusal to cooperate. A method or practice established in India by Gandhi to express opposition to government actions or policies by refusing to participate in civic and political life or comply with government regulations.

Which is correct non-cooperative or non-cooperative?

As an adjective, the difference between uncooperative and uncooperative.yes or no not cooperating To not cooperate is not to cooperate; to not cooperate.

What does it mean to not cooperate?

: failure or refusal to cooperate Specifically: refusing to cooperate with a nation’s government through civil disobedience of the people. Other word examples for non-cooperationLearn more about non-cooperation.

What do you call someone who doesn’t cooperate?

See the definition of uncooperative on adj. Uncooperative.

Game Theory – Non-cooperative game theory with related concepts.

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What do you call someone who doesn’t like socializing?

a lonely person Is a person who does not seek or may actively avoid interaction with others. … There is more than one type of loner, and those who meet the criteria for being called a loner often actually enjoy social interaction with people, but display a degree of introversion that leads them to seek alone time.

Is it polite not to speak?

someone who speaks impolitely is called rude person.

What is uncooperative behavior?

include The behavior of a company that wants to increase profits By improving its « position » relative to its competitors. damage its opponent. profit for oneself.

How to write non-cooperation?


Non-cooperation or refusal to cooperate, especially nonviolent civil disobedience against a government or an occupying power. non’co op’er a’tion ist n. non’co op’er a tive (-ŏp’ər-ə-tĭv, -ŏp’ə-rā’-) adj. non’co ·op’er·a’tor n.

Why boycott?

boycott meaning Stop buying or using a company or country’s goods or services in protest; noun boycott is protest itself. The name comes from the name of Charles C. Boycott, an English land agent in Ireland in the 19th century who refused to reduce rent for his sharecroppers.

What is the synonym of cooperation?

synonym & near synonym for cooperative. Collective, commune, community.

Is non-compliance a word?

non-compliant; unyielding.

What is the synonym of cooperation?

conspiracyjoin, alliance, team (top), unity.

What are the non-cooperative enterprises?

In the case of commercial enterprises (other than corporations), non-cooperative borrowers will include individuals, Persons responsible for managing corporate affairs.

What is a non-cooperative Nash equilibrium?

Nash equilibrium is a type of game theory. The concept of determining optimal solutions in non-cooperative games in which each player lacks any incentive to change its initial strategy. In a Nash equilibrium, Players do not gain anything for deviating from their initially chosen strategy.

What is the antonym of cooperative?

Competitive, non-cooperation, separation, competition. Synonyms: cooperation.

What does not fit mean?

: Does not offer or tends to offer help or assistance : Not helpful or inclusive…they are just as stupid and intolerant as men. –

What does disobedient mean?

: Do not do what an authority person or something tells you to do: Rejection or non-compliance with rules, laws, etc.. See the full definition of disobedient in the English Learner’s Dictionary.

What are the types of non-cooperation?

In game theory, non-cooperative games are games in which individual players compete, as opposed to cooperative games, in which coalitions operate only if they are self-enforcing (for example, through credible threats). … Negative-sum games and zero-sum games Both are types of non-cooperative games.

What is the result of non-cooperation?

Non-Cooperative Game Theory Transactions How rational economic agents trade with each other to achieve their goals. The most common non-cooperative game is the strategy game, in which only the available strategies and the outcomes produced by the combination of choices are listed.

What is the difference between a cooperative game and a non-cooperative game?

Cooperative games are games in which players are persuaded to adopt a specific strategy through negotiation and agreement between players. …however, non-cooperative games refer to Player decides Maximize their profits with their own strategies.

Is it okay to be less social?

No social connection, especially in the long run, seems right self esteem, job or job performance, and overall communication skills. In addition, scientific evidence has found that people with few social connections develop health problems.

How do introverts socialize?

How to socialize better if you’re an introvert

  1. Try to get out when you don’t want to. …
  2. Practice some Convo Starters. …
  3. Give yourself some goals. …
  4. Make sure you charge it. …
  5. Rest more. …
  6. Be ready to paraphrase. …
  7. Wear a statement piece. …
  8. Fake it until you make it.

What is the word for someone who doesn’t want to get in trouble?

(or Gilber), insulter, mocker, mocker, mocker.

What is the basic word for cooperation?

The verb cooperate originally from A combination of the Latin prefix co-, meaning « together », and operari, meaning « to work ». The word « cooperative » is short for cooperative and is used when people work (or cooperate) together to run a kindergarten, health food store, or residence.

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