Is kiss a word?

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Is kiss a word?

Ross Trall. adjective 1. Anatomy at, near or near the headespecially the front part of the head: the prefrontal cortex.

What does Rostrally mean?

1: Of or relating to the podium. 2: in the mouth or nose Region: eg. a Part of the spinal cord: Higher senses 1. b Part of the brain: Anterior or ventral side of the medulla pons.

What does Caudally mean?

1: of, about or as a tail.2: Pointing towards or at or near the rear of the tail or body.

What does ventrum mean?

noun. venter (genitive abdominal cavity) (masc.) (anatomy) belly, abdomen. (anatomy) body, trunk. (anatomy) of the stomach.

What is another name for a beak?

The term beak refers to the relative position of the head structure. The rostral structure in the brain faces forward; ‘forward‘ are synonyms (NeuroNames). See also dorsal, ventral, caudal, lateral, and medial.

Rostral vs Caudal: Anatomical Terms for Orientation (Preview) – Human Anatomy | Ken Hub

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What is the antonym of beak?

The opposite direction to the beak is tail or rear.

What is another word for tail end?

On this page you can find 18 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for caudal, such as: rearcaudal, head, humerus, dorsal, posterior, caudate, caudate, distal, peduncle and posterior.

Is the ventral side top or bottom?

Generally speaking, Ventral refers to the front of the bodywhile dorsal refers to the back.

What word means sideways?

Inferior and lateral. side: Towards the left or right side of the body, not the inside. Medial: In the middle or medial, not lateral. Rear: The back or the back, as opposed to the front.

What does a storyteller do?

: person who is good at telling anecdotes.

What does back shadow mean?

1a: at or near, on or towards The upper surface of the animal (as a quadruped) is opposite the lower or ventral surface. b: At or near the back of, on or near the back of the human body. 2 Mainly British: boobs. Other words on the back.

What is the definition of Cordillera?

Cordillera, (from Ancient Spanish cordilla, « cord » or « little cord »), A system of mountains, usually consisting of many more or less parallel chains. Mountains are a widespread feature of the Americas and Eurasia.

What does opposite mean?

: Occurs on or works with an area on the other side of the body.

What does pituitary mean?

[pĭ-tu´ĭ-tar″e] 1. related to the pituitary. 2. Pituitary gland.

What is a back brain?

When used to refer to the nervous system, dorsal refers to the back when discussing the spinal cord.However, at the junction of the midbrain and diencephalon, the dorsal refers to the upper or upper part of the brain.

What’s the medical term on your side?

usually, side Refers to the outside of a body part, but is also used to refer to the side of a body part. For example, when referring to the knee, lateral refers to the side of the knee that is furthest from the knee on the opposite side. The opposite of the outside is the inside. 2.

What is the medical term behind it?

rear is a term that means « located behind » or « belongs to the back », so the posterior pituitary is the part of the pituitary gland behind the anterior pituitary.

What is the medical term for one side?

front and back. The medical term meaning associated with one side is. side. The correct spelling for the meaning of medical terms related to one side (only) is. unilateral.

The back is the front or the back?

directional clause

Anterior or Ventral – The front (eg, the kneecap is on the front of the leg). rear or back – the back (eg, the shoulder blades are on the back of the body).

Is it the tail end or the mouth end?

beak and tail

beak Taken from the Latin podium, meaning towards the nose/beak. Thus, rostral refers to the front (front) aspect of the head. In this context, tail refers to the back (back) of the head.

Which word is the antonym of suffix?

tail, tail adverb. towards the rear end of the body. Antonyms: cephaly, tailfront, tail.

What does Cephalad and Caudad mean?

cephalad in British English

(ˈsɛfəˌlæd ) adverb. anatomy. towards the head or front. Compare tail end.

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