Can you spell the indispensable indispensable?

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Can you spell the indispensable indispensable?

absolutely necessary, Necessary or Required: An integral member of the workforce. Not to be ignored or ignored: an indispensable obligation. indispensable person or thing.

What does it mean to be indispensable?

adjective.If you say someone or something is indispensable, you mean They are absolutely necessary and no other person or thing can function without them. She became indispensable to him.

What word can be used in place of indispensable?

indispensable synonym

  • unavoidable. It is unavoidable; unavoidable. …
  • Necessary (related) logically unavoidable: …
  • need. necessary; required. …
  • important. Necessary for persistence or effectiveness:  …
  • Specified. Fashion demands; fashionable. …
  • basic. …
  • compulsory. …
  • important (relevant)

Can indispensable be a noun?

indispensable thing; a necessity.

How do you use the word indispensable?

1) He quickly made himself indispensable. 2) Computers are indispensable to modern life. 3) She is indispensable to the company. 4) This book is an indispensable resource for researchers.

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What are the indispensable examples?

car has become an integral part of our lives. Indispensable to someone/something She makes herself indispensable to the department. Doing something/doing something is essential A good dictionary is essential for learning a foreign language.

What does it mean that no one is indispensable?

This page is about the possible meanings of the phrase « no one is indispensable »: no one is absolutely necessary. Anyone can become unnecessary, unneeded. Anyone can lose their job.

Is vitality a word?

yes, about, or characteristics of life: vitality.

Is it a noun or a verb that is indispensable?

essential(adjective) Definitions and Synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.


: compensate (such as money) given as consolation for pain, loss, or hurt feelings.

Is Unexpendable a word?

Essential; Absolutely Necessary: ​​A non-consumable resource critical to our security. unable to spend; inexhaustible: A non-consumable energy source.

What is the difference between essential and indispensable?

As a noun, the difference between essential and essential

that’s it Indispensable is what is indispensable; necessary and necessary is a necessary ingredient.

What means?

Wiktionary. indispensable adjective.of or about non-disposable things; something that cannot be without. His advice is irreplaceable.

What does the dichotomy of decision making mean?

1: split into two particularly mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities Dichotomy between theory and practice: The process or practice of dividing the population dichotomy into two opposing classes.

What are absolutely necessary words?

adjective. Strictly Necessary, Necessary or Necessary: indispensable staff member. Not to be ignored or ignored: an indispensable obligation.

What is the indisputable word?

adjective. undisputed or undeniable; undisputed.indisputable evidence. No doubt true, valid or similar.

What is an emergency?

The meaning of exigency is evident from its source, the Latin noun exigentia, meaning « urgent, » from the verb exigere, meaning « to demand or demand. » emergencies or emergencies, is urgent and requires immediate action.

What is the synonym of necessary?

basic requirementsPrerequisite, Indispensable Item, Indispensable, Necessary, Necessary, Necessary, Fundamental, Fundamental.

Who says no one is indispensable?

« No one is indispensable, but all are important. » William Dale Christ I really believe this statement.

What makes employees indispensable?

One way that is indispensable at work is become someone you can depend on. This includes being on time, consistently efficient and reliable.

What does irrefutable mean?

1a: cannot be maintained as correct or valid : untenable. b: Unexplainable or Excusable: Unexplainable comments that cannot be excused. 2: Cannot defend against physical attacks.

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