Can a person have the same name?

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Can a person have the same name?

The same name is an adjective that refers to a person, place or thing named after something else. However, the same name can also refer to something named after something else.

What is a character with the same name?

(ɪpɒnɪməs) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] The hero or heroine of the same name is A character in a play or book whose name is the title of the play or book.

How do you use the word namesake?

« In precise traditional usage, the same noun is person who names something else, and the same name describes the provider of the name, not the receiver. A restaurateur named Terry Lamb is arguably the eponymous owner of Terry Lamb’s Restaurant, but this restaurant is not Mr. Lamb’s eponymous restaurant. « 

What is the difference between nominal and the same name?

« same name » name the title. « Titular » refers to the title given to it by its name.

What is an example of the same name?

The definition of eponymous is something or someone giving its name to something else.An example of the same name is A man named Jackson created a city, that’s why the city was named JacksonvilleAn example of the same name is a band using its name as the title of the band’s album.

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What are the six kinds of names?

Traditionally, personal names can be classified into at least six structural types: Simple personal names, compound and attributive structures, suffix-based derivatives, possessives, clippings and mixturesMacArthur’s suggested division [4:378].

Is facial tissue the same name?

proper name It’s something else entirely. These are or were generic words for proprietary brand names or service marks. For example, Kleenex is a Kleenex brand, but the term is used today to refer to any brand of Kleenex. … some proper names are given below.

When a story is named after a character, what is it called?

(ɪpɒnɪməs) adjective [ADJ n] A hero or heroine of the same name is a character in a play or book whose name is the title of that play or book.

What does the titular character mean?

Definition of English Learner

: Holds important or impressive titles but no powers or responsibilities This usually accompanies it. : Has the character name that appears in the title of a movie, drama, etc.

What does the same name mean and examples?

The same name is defined as finds or other things are defined as named persons. An example of a namesake is the Disneyland name Walt Disney. … the name of a real or fictitious person whose name has given or is thought to have given rise to the name of a particular item. Romulus is the Roman equivalent.

Is Google the same name?

Like Hoover and the Thermos before it, Google is an example of what linguists say same name, a name that begins as a generic description of a concept. … the verb google is still included in some mainstream dictionaries, first appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006.

Is Parkinson’s disease the same name?

Although many medical conditions have moved toward more mechanism-based disease in recent years, Parkinson’s eponym still existscelebrating the life and work of the physician, paleontologist and political activist.

What is a eponymous title?

When something has the same name, it takes its own name as a title. For example, Foo Fighters’ first album was of the same name – it was called « Foo Fighters ». Interestingly, books almost never have the same name.

Is Macbeth the play of the same name?

Macbeth is Lady Macbeth has as many tragedies as her eponymous character – Discuss how Shakespeare used language to add drama and tragedy to the audience. Macbeth is both a tragedy for Lady Macbeth and a tragedy for the character of the same name.

What do you call someone named after you?

when same name Refers to something or someone named after something or someone, usually saying that the recipient of the second name has the same name as the first. This usage usually refers to people named after other people, but current usage also allows things to have the same name or have the same name.

What is the same name in English?

1: a person by whom someone or something is or is thought to be named.2: Names based on or derived from namesakes (eg, drugs or diseases). Other words from the same nameExample sentencesLearn more about the same name.

What is another word for protagonist?

main character; main character; main character; main person; main character; hero; main character; protagonist.

What is the most important role called?

main character: The protagonist of the story is the protagonist.

Does someone’s name count as a word?

Names are of course considered words. By definition, a word is a single linguistic unit that means something, which can be spoken or written. …specifically, in English, a name is a type of noun called a proper noun, and it is always capitalized.

What does hardenable mean?

1. To put out (such as a fire); to put out. 2. suppress; Squelch: Colleagues’ objections dampened my enthusiasm for the project.

Is the cardigan the same name?

Ask Jenny Beadnell: Can you give me any information on the origin of the word cardigan? A is fine. it’s a namesake, things named after people. The man in this case is James Thomas Brudnell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a famous 19th century figure.

Is Coke the same name?

You can’t call it Coke unless it’s really Coke. They also wanted ownership of the word Coke, but that didn’t work is simply thought of as a descriptive term. Over time, many companies lost the rights to their brand names.

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