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Artists of the week - Joan Miro

1893 - 1983


Short Biography

On April 20, 1893 Joan Miro (Joan Miro' i Ferra`) was born in Barcelona. He was a Catalan (Spanish) painter, sculptor, graphic artist and designer.

1907: Miro studied at La Lonja School of Fine Arts where he was taught by Modesto Urgell;

1910: he took a bookkeeping course at a business school in Barcelona on the insistence of his parents; then he worked as an accountant;

1911: serious illness, recovery on his parents’ farm in Mont-roig, which was to become a permanent source of inspiration for him in future; Miro commits himself to becoming an artist;

from 1912: studies at the private school of Francisco Gali in Barcelona; the first paintings;

1914: creation of his ... read more

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